There is no cost to you to use a Realtor to help you buy a home. Using a Realtor is free as a buyer. All commission is paid for by the seller in the sale of their home. A typical listing is 6% commission offered for the sale of the home. 3% goes to the listing agent, and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. We offer a rebate to you of the 3% commission we earn. Not only do you get the help of a Realtor at no cost, but you can receive a rebate toward your down payment, closing costs or even a cash rebate. Make money and pay less for your home by using a agent licensed with Integra Realty.

Let us help you through the home buying process and receive a rebate after closing.

We can provide you with a rebate whether you are:

*Buying a property listed by us.
*Buying any property listed by an agent or real estate company in Utah.
*Purchasing a new home where the builder is willing to pay a sales commission to the buyer's agent.

We have incorporated a buyer rebate amount on every single one of the listings on the MLS search on our site to make it easy for you to see just how much you can get back from purchasing your next home using us.

How Much Will Your Rebate Be?

Your home buyer rebate is estimated as a percentage of the home's asking price. Therefore, the higher the asking price of a home, the higher your estimated rebate will be. We’ve made it easy for you by providing you an estimated rebate amount on every single property you search on our website. You can locate the commission rebate on the property details page at the bottom highlighted in Orange.

In order to qualify for our rebate program you must follow the rules below.

  1. You must enter into a buyer's representation contract with us. This will protect you, the buyer, by guaranteeing to you in writing our intention to give you the rebate amount.

  2. You must be the principle buyer in the transaction, meaning you must be the person whose name is on the sales contract and the deed. This is state law.

  3. In some cases the rebate must meet lender approval and Seller must give written authorization.

  4. You must either be pre-approved for a home mortgage or make application with a lender upon contracting us.

  5. You must buy the property using a Half Price Listing Utah team member license with Integra Realty as your Buyer agent. If you do not buy the property through us, no rebate will be paid to you.

  6. In exchange for rebates we simply ask that our clients are prepared to do some of the initial legwork themselves by previewing potential neighborhoods and homes by driving to these locations for an outside look. Since the internet has made it easy for the public to search for a home from the comfort of their home computer, the Realtor is no longer needed in this primary phase of the home search. Many times homes and neighborhoods can be eliminated or added to the short list based upon the initial impression obtained by driving by. The time savings this provides us enables us to provide the rebates that we do. You can also use public search tools like, Google Street View and Microsoft Virtual Earth viewing tools will greatly help you to quickly identify the homes you want from homes you don't want. This time savings is passed on to you in the form of a home buyer rebate.

  7. Do not go view the inside of a home without one of our agents including Open houses or new construction (Model Homes) This may void your home Rebate. (See Rule of Procuring Cause below)

Procuring Cause ". . . the uninterrupted series of casual events which results in the successful transaction." This rule may determine who is entitled to the Commission offered and would be the basis of any mediation or arbitration; It is best for the parties involved to know who represents who.

*All home buyer rebates are subject to lender approval.

*Home buyer Rebates are calculated based on a 3% buyer's agent commission or BAC. If the rebate amount is LOWER than 3% The rebate amount will be based off the actual BAC (Buyer's agent commission) Buyer's agent commission below 3% of the real estate sales price will result in a reduction in the home buyer rebate.

*All real estate commissions are negotiable. Savings are estimates based on a 3% buyer's agent and/or 3% listing agent commission.

*Rebates are calculated based on a 3% buyer's agent commission or BAC. If the rebate amount is LOWER than 3% BAC commission. The rebate amount will be based off the actual BAC (Buyer's agent commission)

*6.2.13.Gifts and Inducements. A gift given by a principal broker to a buyer or seller, lessor or lessee, in a real estate transaction as an inducement to use the services of a real estate brokerage, or in appreciation for having used the services of a brokerage, is permissible and is not an illegal sharing of commission. If an inducement is to be offered to a buyer or seller, lessor or lessee, who will not be obligated to pay a real estate commission in a transaction, the principal broker must obtain from the party who will pay the commission written consent that the inducement be offered.

Purchasing a Home!

When you buy a new home, you're making a major investment, perhaps the largest investment of your life. It's important to have a professional to represent your interests during the transaction. We would like to represent you.

We have the resources, tools and industry knowledge to help you locate the best property, negotiate the appropriate price and terms, and guide you through closing. We offer these services and more at the greatest value available in Utah.

Our program is quite simple. We'll rebate part of the commission we earn on your transaction back to you after closing (Subject to lender approval. Rebate amount will depend on commission offered and purchase price).

Why Do We Offer This Program?

With the advent of the Internet and advancing technologies we've become more efficient without sacrificing the level of service. This new efficiency translates into lower costs, both in dollars and in time commitment. Unlike other real estate companies, we've chosen to pass these savings on to you, our client.

We have a reputation for saving people money, but we've also worked hard to build a reputation for providing consumers with the highest level of service. Whether it's answering your questions, researching a property, or negotiating your contract, we will be there for you.

Technology and Your Home Search!

We understand that many of today's home buyers are more comfortable searching the local market online before contacting their agent to see any specific property or properties. We have invested in the latest technologies to improve the way you search online, including a direct interface with the local MLS Database and our Home Finder Service.

If you are preparing to buy a new home, now is the time to call us. Our professionals will walk you through the entire process, introduce you to our services first hand and work with you to plan the purchase of your home. Call us today at 801.381.3352.