When you offer services to the consumer at a discounted rate, critics often complain that you receive a lesser product. The old adage of, "You Get What You Pay For". Well, in our business, you do get what you pay for. Advances in technology have allowed ALL real estate companies the opportunity to offer professional services much more efficiently.

Consumers are more helpful in the transaction because they scour the market online -narrowing their home search and more easily matching potential buyers will existing sellers. Consumers are more aware of the process because they've become more educated, more fluent in the understanding of real estate.

Consumer advances, combined with new technologies and market experience allows us to complete transactions more efficiently. By improving efficiency, we save money - on costs and on time. So if we charge you the same amount of money for doing less and less work, what would you think of us?

The truth is we offer you the most professional service available in Utah. And we offer these services at the HALF the listing commission other brokerages will charge you. Check us out. Talk to us. You'll learn that we are the right company to hire.

Service provided by aIntegra Realty Agent
Transaction Coordinator
Full Sellers Agent
Description of your home on MLS
Pictures of your home on the MLS
Social Network Promotionie: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
For Sale Signs in yard
Site Listings to Top Real Estate Websites (i.e., Yahoo, Trulia, Zillow…and hundreds more.)
Set up Showings appointments for you with local Realtors
Process Paperwork for Sale of Home (buy/sell agreement)
Provide Escrow Services
Custom website Property Page
Pre-qualify potential buyers who want to see your home
Hold Open Houses at your request
CMA(Comparative Market Analysis) to help you price your home
Negotiate on your behalf with other realtors and buyers
Follow up with all potential Buyers
Marketing Activity Updates
Sellers net statement showing you all cost associated with the sale
Provide Statistics on how many people are viewing you home on line
Follow up with buyers lender insuring the capability to close
Coordinate Home Appraisal
Coordinate Home Inspections
Provide list of Preferred Lenders,Movers,Builders
Negotiate any repairs
Inspection Issues, Low Appraisals, Lender Deadlines, Closing Issues, CMA’s, Escrow Services, Title Company, Trustee Issues, Survey Ordering, Legal Description, HUD-1 Settlement Statement, Escrow Disbursements, Eminent Domain, Encroachments, Encumbrances, Due-on-Sale Provisions, Comparable Sales, Common Area Assessments, Appraised Values...
Well you get the idea.